• Rabla Plus 2020 Incentives

    The Rabla Plus program is aimed at those who want to buy an electric or hybrid car, by granting a subsidy that covers part of the price of the vehicle. Grants vary depending on the type of vehicle and are offered in a limited number each year. The conditions that

  • MOL PlugEE in Romania

    MOL launched in January 2020 the mobile app MOL PLUGEE in Romania. The mobile app allows EV users to charge at MOL gas stations in Romania also. Payment is made for an initiated session, one single charge, regardless of the electricity consumed or the time spent at the station. The

  • What is the EU Green Deal ?

    EU wants to spend $1 trillion to help make it climate neutral by 2050

  • PEVs at the end of 2019

    2019 was the best year in matter of BEVs registrations. In total, at the end of 2018, on the roads there were 1171 BEVs registered. This year only due to Rabla+ and higher stocks on auto-dealers, Romania registers over 1730 units of electric cars. It was the first year since

  • Start on Turda’s EV Buses

    Turda will inaugurate on 16 dec 2019 the new public transport company and the 20 electric buses

  • COP25 Madrid 2019 : The EU Green Deal

    EU Green Deal to tune up car CO2 rules by 2030. Ursula von der Leyen said

  • Deadline extended for March 31, 2020

    AFM extends the deadline for municipalities to submit financing applications for recharging stations for EVs, 31 March 2020

  • Memorandum of understanding between Romania and Peru

    A MoU has been signed on 20th of November 2019 at Lima, Peru regarding the COLLABORATION ON ELECTRIC MOBILITY AND CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE between AVER and AEDIVE Peru

  • 2019 Fast Chargers funding program ending

    Environment Fund Administration - 2019 Incentive program for big municipalities in order to install Fast Charger comes to an end. 40k EUR for one 75kW Fast Charger

  • 32 electric buses on the streets of Brasov

    32 electric buses on the streets of Brasov. During the summer of 2019 the authorities of Brasov have finalized the contractual details regarding the purchase of 32 fully electric buses for public transport.