Deadline extended for March 31, 2020

AFM extends the deadline for municipalities to submit financing applications for charging stations for EVs..

The mayors may submit financing applications for recharging stations for electric cars in the county resident municipalities until March 31, 2020, after the Environmental Fund Administration (AFM) extended the initial deadline to expire on December 13.

The objective of the Program is to develop the infrastructure for the supply of electric vehicles. Eligible applicants are the administrative-territorial units – county residences and the municipality of Bucharest, and the amount allocated to the financing session is 92 million lei.

“The Administration of the Environmental Fund (AFM) has extended the session of submitting the financing files within the Program on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport, by promoting the infrastructure for energy-efficient road transport vehicles: recharging stations for electric vehicles in the municipalities of county residences up to March 31, 2020 ”, stated in a statement of the AFM.

The financing is granted in a percentage of maximum 90% of the eligible expenses and within the limit of the maximum amounts that can be granted for each applicant.

The maximum amounts that can be granted for each applicant are established according to the number of inhabitants, according to the data provided by the National Institute of Statistics, which are published on the AFM website.

The maximum amount financed by the Administration of the Environmental Fund for the installation of a recharge station is of 190,000 lei, a value that represents 90% of the total eligible expenses.


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Nr. Crt  





Nr. stații


Nr. puncte de


1 MUNICIPIUL ZALĂU 702.943,03 4 8
2 MUNICIPIUL PIATRA NEAMȚ 1.080.768,13 6 12
3 MUNICIPIUL PITEȘTI 1.900.000,00 10 20
5 MUNICIPIUL TÂRGU JIU 672.240,70 4 8
6 MUNICIPIUL ORADEA 2.497.652,28 16 32
7 MUNICIPIUL BAIA MARE 1.195.645,17 9 18
8 MUNICIPIUL FOCȘANI 877.297,34 5 10
9 MUNICIPIUL SATU MARE 950.000,00 5 10
10 MUNICIPIUL REȘIȚA 936.149,17 5 10
11 MUNICIPIUL GIURGIU 760.000,00 4 8
12 MUNICIPIUL CĂLĂRAȘI 715.085,28 4 8

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