The Capital City Hall installs 40 charging stations

The Capital City Hall installs 40 power stations in several key points in Bucharest. The charging stations will be marked with a specific sign, which will be indicated both on asphalt and on lighted information panels.


Energetica Servicii Company will place the electrical charging stations in the spaces provided by the Streets Administration.

The works for the location of the stations can be executed without a building permit, only on the basis of an authorizations that the site will not affect the traffic.

“We support electric car users and investors and place 40 charging stations, based on the regulation approved in the meeting of the General Council of Bucharest. The regulation establishes that the works for the location of the stations can be carried out without a building permit, only on the basis of a permit, if they do not affect the traffic. The regulation also establishes the places where there can not be charging stations (for example, green spaces or playgrounds) and fines”, announced Nicușor Dan, the mayor of the capital.

Locations in Bucharest where 40 charging stations will be installed:

The Capital City Hall will install power stations in the areas:

Amzei Square, Victoriei Square, Alba Iulia Square, Constitution Square, Revolution Square,

University, Bucur Obor, Rahova, Palace Hall, Bucharest City Hall, Aviatorilor Boulevard,

Timișoara Blvd., Iuliu Maniu Blvd., Schitu Măgureanu Blvd., Mendeleev Street, Ziduri-Moși Street,

Calea Plevnei, Splaiul Unirii, Eva, Lido, Gara de Nord, Maria Rosetti, Lipscani, Herăstrău Park,

Charles de Gaulle, Palace of Justice, North Road.

Parking on these places will be prohibited. The fine for cars that illegally occupy these parking places will be between 500 and 1,000 lei (for individuals).

Also, EVconnect, one of the most extensive electric vehicle charging networks in Romania, will install 20 stations for electric cars in the Capital this year.

The company will exceed the threshold of 500 public charging stations available through the app to owners of electric and plug-in hybrid cars by the end of 2023, and by 2025 the network will comprise at least 3,000 EV charging stations.

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