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Our Mission

AVER has inherited the oldest romanian research on electric vehicles.

In the early 1970’s a R&D team was established at the Institute for Electrotechnics with a single purpose, to promote electric mobility in Romania. Today, large number of researchers from that R&D team are now honorary members of AVER and share their experience and progress with future generations.

Main Objectives

  • represent and promote the interest of associate members in Romania and abroad
  • gather, help and sustain all local EV enthusiasts
  • stimulate scientific research activity in EV field
  • take part on research programs

National Progress

  • help elaborate a national set of laws in concordance with the EU legislation regarding alternative mobility
  • educate and inform individuals about the importance of sustainable development and environment preservation
  • help sustainable development by promoting R&D, design, manufacturing, infrastructure and specific energy sources for e-mobility

EU Standards

  • contribute to national educational system and electric vehicle legislations
  • initiate and support actions to develop specific urban infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • manifest actions in order to encourage use of electric vehicles by tax policy and governmental subsidies

Join us for our Mission


Join together with other environmentally minded individuals to up your eco-impact


Act as a hub of information, knowledge and ideas related to electromobility


Meet the others and learn or provide your expertise on electromobility


Get in touch with specialists from our extended global network


Become part of national consortia or of EU-funded projects consortia


Contribute to reduce vehicle emissions and pollution

Our Team

NEACSU Mihaita-Gabriel

Mihaita Gabriel NEACSU has a Master Degree in Intelligent Electric Systems and a Master Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from Military Technical Academy and a Research Doctor…

DANCIU Grigore

With an experience of over 40 years in study and development of electric vehicles, Prof. Grigore Danciu is Dean of Transports Faculty of University Politehnica din Bucuresti. His main…


Founder Member of AVER and one of its main activists, Mrs. Claudia Popescu is PhD in Engineering Sciences, University Professor at University Polytechnic of Bucharest, former Dean of Electrical…

Board of Directors

  • NEACSU Mihai
  • President and Executive Director

  • DANCIU Grigore
  • Vice President

  • CHEFNEUX Mihaela
  • Vice President

  • Founder Member

Become a Volunteer

Benefits of membership

  • Maintain a direct influence in relevant European and Romanian policy debates.
  • Discuss the latest policy proposals, reports and documents from the Romanian or European Institutions and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Access a unique network of Romanian or European international experts and associations working in the same sector.
  • Become part of consortia of EU-funded projects in which AVER joins.
  • Get invited to some of the most significant global events on electromobility.
  • Get international exposure through events and media.