PEVs at the end of 2019

2019 was the best year in matter of BEVs registrations. In total, at the end of 2018, on the roads there were 1171 BEVs registered. This year only due to Rabla+ and higher stocks on auto-dealers, Romania registers over 1730 units of electric cars. It was the first year since 2016, at the launch of Rabla+, when the funds for the 10k euro Eco ticket were depleted.

2019 is also the year with a lot of companies buying EV fleets, even if regarding the 10k eur eco ticket there are no other benefits or subsidies on buying EV fleets in Romania.

In 2019, auto-dealers have raised the awareness of BEVs and their benefits. In Romania we have close to 10 auto makers that brought decent stock to the market. Surely there is a need to increase the stock in the following year. One of the most preferred BEVs by the consumers are in the table above.

Renault Zoe is the best sold car in Romania of the past 2 years since it outpost the BMW i3 domination. This is due the more convenient market price for business fleets, and the more convenient cheap to run metal body build. In the past 2 years Renault sold more than 500 units.

Excepting Bucuresti who has the most BEVs, over 1000, the rest on the country follows up pretty good. Above its a graph that shows the leading counties in terms of number of registered on road BEVs only in 2019. Ilfov hits first place with a no. close to 100 BEVs, followed by Cluj with over 60 units, and so on.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles sales hit above 1000 units every month of 2019. At the end of the year, the number of registered HEVs pasts the milestone of 12700 units. And adds up to a total of over 30 000 HEVs on roads today in Romania.

The most wanted models are in the graph above. The leading unit is the Toyota CH-R with over 2000 units sold only in 2019, followed up by other Toyota models including Auris/Corolla , Yaris, Rav4 . The new model of Mazda 3 hybrid launched in 2019 cached up very fast and hits over 650 units sold only this year.

Mitsubishi Outlander has an over 50% rate of second hand imports reported to the 2019 registration. 425 units were registered but more than half are second hand imports. Mitsubishi dealer should take this matter into account because the model is one of the preferred by the Romanians.



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