• Overview of Romanian eMobility 2020

    To start in chronological order, we remind you that 2019 was a spectacular year in terms of the evolution of electromobility in Romania. In 2019, we brought a BOOM of EV registrations. The most popular models being the Renault ZOE, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3, especially due to the adoption

  • Electric Up – program that finances charging infrastructure

    Through the “Electric Up” Program, developed by the Ministry of Economy, will be provided to support small and medium enterprises and HORECA, by financing investment projects for the installation of 22 KW charging stations for plug-in hybrid electric and electric vehicles and systems of photovoltaic panels. The draft Emergency Ordinance

  • GM: Wireless battery management system

    General Motors will rely on an “an almost completely wireless battery management system” for its upcoming electric car models.

  • EV Scrappage subsidies budget for 2020 exhausted. Increase is in discussion

    The budget of the Rabla Plus 2020 Subsidies Program, of 140 million lei (~28 mil eur), was exhausted in just 5 months. The program started this year on March 25 with a bonus of 45,000 lei (9,300 euros) for the purchase of a new electric car, which the buyer can

  • Trofeul Iasi Electric Race

    Race Trophy Stage CNSS 2020 is held between 2nd and 4th of October in Iasi, Romania. At this edition electric vehicles can participate.

  • [Study] PHEV Test in Bucuresti

    Analysis of two passenger cars with plug-in hybrid technology on daily use in the city of Bucuresti. Cars have been tested according to several parameters under different conditions of traffic, driving style and ambient temperature. The results were then compared.

  • Europe’s big battery bet

    Europe has a master plan to build a world-class battery industry, almost from scratch: Spend big, and spend now. There’s just one problem: The competition is already streets ahead. The European Commission, supported by a cluster of countries, has spent more than three years working up a strategy to jumpstart

  • Low-emission vehicles – improving the EU’s refuelling/recharging infrastructure

    Feedback period: 06 April 2020 – 29 June 2020 (midnight Brussels time) The European Commission is inviting the general public and stakeholders to express their opinion and share information on the impact of the existing Directive as well as on possible additional policy measures for its revision and their expected

  • Overview of Romanian eMobility 2019

    The level of transparency with regards to the e-mobility ecosystem within the Romanian market remains relatively limited. Key questions such as … What is the development status of E-mobility in Romania and how does this fare against the more mature markets? Which factors are driving E-mobility developments in Romania and

  • Program for Stations for EVs in the Municipalities extended until October 30, 2020.

    The administration of the Environment Fund announced that the session for submitting the files under the Program for Recharging Stations for Electric Vehicles in the Municipalities of the County Residences has been extended until October 30, 2020. Within the program were approved 19 funding files submitted by the following municipalities: