How much does it cost to charge at Tesla Supercharger Romania

Tesla Supercharger stations in Romania and Hungary became paid as of March 9, 2023. The payment is made per kWh, depending on the amount of energy consumed, not per minute.

Charging rates at Tesla Supercharger stations vary by location, both in Romania and Hungary. Currently, there are no differentiated prices based on the time slot, but Tesla cares a lot about a premium experience and anything is possible.

Therefore, in order to avoid queues at Tesla Supercharger stations, we do not exclude, in the future, higher rates during peak hours.

In Romania, the inactivity fee is 2.5 lei per minute. If the Tesla location has 100% of the stations occupied, the inactivity fee goes up to 5 lei per minute.

“For any extra minute in which the car remains connected to the Supercharger after the loading is complete, an inactivity fee will be charged. Inactivity fees occur if a Tesla vehicle occupies a station when the Supercharger location is occupied at least 50% and after the charging session has been completed for 5 minutes or more,” tesla representatives say.

Tesla Supercharger station rates in Romania

The first Tesla Superchargers stations in Romania were opened in 2021. They are only available for these American electric cars. All stations have superchargers (CCS) up to 250 kW.

Tesla has very good tariffs in Romania for charging its electric cars, which we can not find even at public stations of 22 kW (Dedeman – 1.89 lei / kW, EVConnect – 1.89 lei / kWh, Enel X is charged a tariff of 1.89 lei / kWh).

  • Bucharest 1.65 lei/kWh
  • Cluj 1.7 lei/kWh
  • Sibiu 1.7 lei/kWh
  • Piteşti 1.65 lei/kWh
  • Timisoara 1.65 lei/kWh

Tesla Supercharger station rates in Hungary

232 ft = 3 lei

  • Debrecen 232 ft/kWh
  • Fót 229 ft/kWh
  • Győr 236 ft/kWh
  • Miskolc 234 ft/kWh
  • Szeged 241 ft/kWh
  • Szigetszentmiklós 234 ft/kWh
  • Törökbáint 232 ft/kWh
  • Sormás 236 ft/kWh

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