Rabla Plus 2020 Incentives

The Rabla Plus program is aimed at those who want to buy an electric or hybrid car, by granting a subsidy that covers part of the price of the vehicle. Grants vary depending on the type of vehicle and are offered in a limited number each year.

The conditions that the cars must meet

Those who want to buy pure electric cars can receive eco-labels worth 45,000 lei (~9500 Eur), without exceeding 50% of the total price of the car. This ticket can be combined with the scrappage ticket of an old vehicle. In the case of a hybrid car, the eco-label has a value of 20,000 lei and should not exceed 50% of the total car price. The hybrid also presents the condition that the carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer should not exceed 50 grams.

In 2019, the Romanian state supplemented the budget for Rabla Plus by 15 million lei, it was the first year of 4 years since the start of the program when the budget was depleted. The electric and hybrid cars are not exempt from compulsory payments such as the RCA, because they run on the same roads and under the same conditions as the rest of the vehicles in Romania. Owners of electric or hybrid cars can receive only one eco-label per year.

In order to benefit from the grants offered by the state in 2020 you will need to follow the announcement of the beginning of this program and apply within a certain period. With the purchase of a new electric or hybrid vehicle, the manufacturers will introduce the invoice within ten days from its issuance for natural persons, and for legal persons have a period of 90 days to register the purchase.

They are required for registration: the identity document, certificate of fiscal certification issued by the town hall, which proves that a person does not have debts to the local budget, a declaration on his own responsibility attesting that you are committing to buy a car from the dealer. In the case of those who choose to rent an old vehicle and combine the first one with the eco-label, in addition to the documents mentioned above they will include the registration certificate of the old car in original and copy, plus the identity card in legalized copy. They have a period of 30 days from the receipt of the registration note from the dealer to dispose of an old car and to submit the last documents to the file.

Through the Rabla Program, this year motorcycles can also be purchased

Thus, the voucher for renting a car and purchasing a motorcycle / scooter is 3,500 lei, and the eco-voucher for scooters and electric motorcycles is 3,000 lei. The accumulation of several vouchers can reach a support from the state of 2,000 euros for the purchase of a scooter or electric motorcycle.

How the RablaMoto program started

In 2019, the motoDNA association initiated a series of actions to create and implement the RABLA MOTO program. In this endeavor, motoDNA represents the voice and interests of over 8,000 people who have signed the petition to support the implementation of the RABLA MOTO program. The project also benefits from the active support of numerous motorcycle associations and clubs. In essence, motoDNA argued that RABLA vouchers, obtained at the disposal of an old car, could also be used for the purchase of new motorcycles and scooters. This will increase the positive impact of this environmental protection program and eliminate the discrimination of people who want to buy a motorcycle, not a car, by accessing the RABLA program. It is very important to mention that European studies show that the use of scooters or motorcycles In the urban movement it has a major positive impact on the environment: – directly by the fact that a scooter / motorcycle with a thermal engine is 20% less polluting than an electric car and 50% less polluting than a thermal motor car. – Indirectly by the fact that the passage from the car to the scooter causes the time spent in traffic of the cars to decrease, thus reducing the time they stay with the engine started and polluting. The same European study shows that the indirect impact is 4 times greater than the direct impact – this will give a clear picture on the importance of using this means of travel inside the big cities.

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