Memorandum of understanding between Romania and Peru

A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING has been signed on 20th of November 2019 at Lima, Peru regarding the COLLABORATION ON ELECTRIC MOBILITY AND CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE between :

AVER – Association for promoting electric vehicles in Romania  

AEDIVE PERU – Asociacion Peruana de Electromovilidad

Taking into consideration that transport is the fastest-growing contributor to climate change globally. Other major economies are moving quickly to shift away from the internal combustion engine. The United States of America, United Kingdom, Norway and China have already announced deadlines for ending the sales of petrol and diesel cars.

It is important for Peru and Romania to accelerate the uptake of Electric Vehicles both to reduce greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions, and to keep pace with global competitors in an expanding market.

Both countries are keen to collaborate with each other, in order to influence their respective national governments and public institutions – as well as further public and private stakeholders at all levels – to support the sustainable transition to electric transportation.

The associations agree to coordinate actions to support and ensure the successful implementation of Zero-Emission Vehicles.

Participate in a multi-state ZEV Program to serve as a forum for coordination and collaboration to promote effective and efficient implementation of ZEV regulations. The parties will prepare, within six months of the date of this agreement, a plan of action to accomplish the goals .

In order to enhance the quality of co-operation, representatives of the APE and AVER will convene regularly to discuss subjects concerning alternative transportation founding projects and programs.

Parties undertake to work together on sharing market information and data and seeking alignment of policies to encourage the uptake of electric mobility.

The association are open for discussion with parties in both countries that want to develop their e-mobility businesses cross-border.

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