• Regulation proposal for Slow-Moving Vehicles

    Due to the raising number of e-scooters and the danger that involves unprotected and unexperienced users resulted in multiplication of draft laws to regulate slow vehicle traffic.

  • Incentives for charging network private operators

    After financing Municipalities with 40 000 eur for a dual gun 50kw fast charger, the Ministry of Environment launches a new programe for private operators.

  • Public fleets are required to purchase 10% EV

    Vote in the Senate: Public authorities are required to purchase at least 10% electric and hybrid cars

  • Premiere in Romania – Hydrogen Bus in Bucharest

    Premiere in Romania – Hydrogen Bus in Bucharest

  • +500 Electric Buses in 30 cities

    The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP) The contract is co-financed by European non-reimbursable funds through the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Program. The buses must be ten meters operable in flat, barefoot, low-floor, unlimited access facilities for people with reduced mobility. The service life must be at least 15

  • First hybrid car made in Romania

    The first hybrid car manufactured in Romania: Ford Puma

  • Three Jolotca mines re-opened

    Ministry of Economy has re-opened 3 mines closed in '89 that will put Romania on the map of EV battery alliance metals.

  • Two hybrid ferries will be built at Mangalia

    Damen Mangalia Shipyard received an order for the construction of two hybrid ferries for Seaspan Ferries Co. Each of the two innovative vessels has a length of 149 meters, and was designed to allow loading and transportation in color with a total length of 1,034 meters.

  • 100 Electric Buses in Bucuresti

    The capital city has opened the offers for the 100 electric buses and the loading stations

  • ZOE indexed on the level of pollution

    In Bucuresti the price of Renault ZOE indexed on the level of pollution. Launched in Bucuresti, this advertising campaign adjusts the price of the electric car in real time according to the level of atmospheric pollution. Key in the price of the Renault ZOE on the particle rate. Located in