Suceava installed 43 chargers for EV Buses

ABB supplied Suceava with thirty 50 kW Terra 54 HV charging stations and thirteen 150 kW charging stations to power the fleet of electric buses.

Thus, Terra 54 HV chargers will provide electricity for overnight bus charging, while 150 kW chargers will ensure the fast charging of buses during the day at the depot. HVPCs provide high load power, thus ensuring maximum vehicle availability.

The ABB solution installed in Suceava provides interoperability and is compatible with buses supplied by different manufacturers. The solution is also characterized by high performance and longevity, as well as by the simplicity of installation and efficiency, due to the ease with which it connects to the network. The chargers are already equipped to support future electric buses with 920 VDC charging capacities. These features have been successfully used by ABB in other European countries, such as Germany, Sweden and France.

We are happy to support Suceava Town Hall at this important stage, with this project serving as an example of a future for sustainable transport. ABB is the global leader in DC fast charging solutions and we are ready to help more cities in Romania build their electric mobility infrastructure,” said Erhan Savas, Country Managing Director for ABB in Romania.

Electric bus chargers come from the ABB factory in Italy. ABB, together with the project leader, Loyal Impex SRL, has successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment on time.

ABB has been entering the electric mobility market since 2010, and to date has sold more than 400,000 electric vehicle chargers in more than 85 markets; over 20,000 DC fast chargers and 380,000 AC chargers, including those sold through Chargedot.

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