Romania has EVs ! What about the chargers ?

In terms of electric vehicles sales and registration, the year 2021 was brilliant in Romania.

This year Romania registered more EV’s than all the years combined before 2021.

Romania entered 2021 with 6052 EVs on the road and finished the year with 12 870 EVs.

More than 90% of the EV SALES were registered inside the incentives program called RABLA PLUS that gives an eco-ticket of 45 000 lei on buying a new EV (~9000 eur).

2021 brings to Romania a number of 60 electric models in comparison with 42 models available in 2020.

Regarding the charging infrastructure, Romania have currently 2 086 public chargers, of which 436 are CCS / CHAdeMO fast chargers type, and 1 650 of normal charging Type 2. 

Below is a map of the numbers of EVs existent in each national county to focus our efforts to bring more chargers in those areas.

2021 Map VS 2020 Map

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