Romanian government has a new directive to electric scooters

On Monday 4th October, the government published the new rules of conduct for electric scooter drivers, similar to bicycle riders, as well as the technical conditions for electric scooters similar to those provided for bicycles.

“In the Government meeting, the Government Decision for amending and supplementing the Regulation for the application of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 195/2002, regarding the traffic on public roads, approved by the Government Decision no. 1391/2006. We remind you that by Government Emergency Ordinance no. 13/2020 was amended and supplemented the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 195/2002 regarding the traffic on public roads, in the sense of regulating the legal regime applicable to the circulation of electric scooters on public roads ”, the representatives of the Ministry of Interior transmitted.

The main traffic rules applicable to electric scooter drivers consist in the obligation to drive only on the bicycle track when they exists, being forbidden to drive on the sidewalk.

They must be driven only in one row when driving on public roads, and drivers of electric scooters are required to carry their identity card.

It also mentions the prohibition of scooter drivers to drive under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances or to drive when the road is covered with ice or snow.

At the same time, it is forbidden to drive the electric scooter without maintaining contact with the ground or the minimum technical conditions are not met.

Unlike the rules established for bicycle riders, in the case of electric scooters, the change of direction is done by moving the riders on the side of the electric scooter.

As regards the technical conditions for electric scooters, they must be fitted with a suitable, functional steering system or an effective braking device and be equipped with an audible warning system, equipped, at night or when visibility is low, with lights and at least one fluorescent-reflective device. Electric scooters must also be equipped with fluorescent-reflective elements or devices, placed on wheels, which, in motion, form a continuous circle.

At the same time, the same Government Decision introduces license plates with green letters and numbers for motor vehicles using alternative fuels and regulates some administrative procedures in the field of road traffic (for example: the procedure for implementing fine points, the procedure for followed in the situation where the driver of the vehicle does not have on him the registration certificate or the driving license, the circuit of the minutes through which only the main sanctions for minor offenses were applied, etc.)

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