Green Line Valea Jiului

Two new financing contracts by Regio – Regional Operational Programme (Regio-POR) 2014-2020, totaling 95 million lei, i.e. over 20 million euro, were signed in Hunedoara County for a modern and environmentally friendly transport in the valley Jiu.
It is about the investment “Green Line Valea Jiului”, with components 1 and 2, projects that predict the creation of a green line of electric buses between Petrila, Petrosani, Aninoasa, Volcano, Lupeni and Uricani.

Through the two projects 26 electric buses will be purchased, a depot will be arranged in the municipality of Vulcan, 112 square stations will be built/modernize, 34 charging stations for electric buses will be made and 2 chargers for electric cars. Also, there will be rehabilitated about 5 kilometers from the road.

In a number of 20 square stations there will be automatic machines to issue cards/travel vouchers, and in 42 square stations will be equipped with information systems for the traveler.
The projects also predict the implementation of an e-ticketing system, GPS information systems and passenger counting in vehicles, the monitoring and dispatching of buses, video surveillance, the creation of a web portal and a Mobile Application (Android, IOS) – all of this will be discussed in phase 2 of the project.

The investment is the result of the partnership between the municipality of Vulcan, the municipality of Petrosani, the town hall of Aninoasa, the city Hall of Lupeni, City Hall of Uricani, town Hall of Petrila and the county Council Hunedoara.

The target is to ensure a public transport of modern, clean, high-quality, attractive and efficient transportation on the four routes contained in the projects, the ultimate goal being to reduce carbon emissions in localities in the Jiu Valley.

The four routes take 128 round-trip kilometres, as follows: Route 1 (38.5 km) – the main route, which makes full contact between Uricani – Lupeni – Volcano – Petrosani – Petrila; Route 2 (10.6 km) – secondary route, linking Aninoasa to Petrosani; Route 3 (3.7 km) – secondary route, linking Petrila (mine area) and Jiet; Route 4 (11.15 km) – Secondary route, provides connection in localities belonging to Uricani, respectively Valea de Brazi – Butii keys.

The contracts were signed by Mr. Gheorghe Ile, mayor of Vulcan municipality, and Sorin MAXIM, director general of the West Regional Development Agency – Intermediate body for POR 2014-2020 in the West region, in the presence of the President Hunedoara County Council, Mr. Mircea Bobora, and mayors of the other beneficiary administrative-territorial units.

The total value of Green Line Project Valea Jiului – component 1 is 49,089,440.71 lei (43,851,960.94 lei non-refundable financing), and component 2 has a total value of 46,017,326.14 lei (39,117,671.69 lei non-refundable financing).

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