#electRO – EV World Record in Romania

A German, a French electric car, open-minded sponsors and a beautiful country to explore – that’s how a world record, with an electric car, came to be written in Romania. Christian Gernemann traveled 26,800 km in 112 days through Romania, to show us our country through his eyes, to tell us that it is possible to travel Romania in a long and wide way with an electric car, and that we have everything we need to do. consume and sell electricity from renewable resources. Here is the story of a memorable record in this interview.

This series of mini documentaries #electRO is an idea 0-100.ro realized with the support of Uber and aims to make more visible the efforts of people, institutions and companies that make electromobility possible in Romania.

Thus, we bring to the public’s attention details of the great decisions behind the scenes that will, in time, change the face of the car park in Romania and the way we use cars every day.

Christian Gernemann, recordman (the longest trip, in one country, with a 100% non-solar electric car)

It was a new world to me. I’ve done a test drive in the past. My first “test drive” with an electric car was when I was a kid, then with electric cars with a remote control.

I tested (seriously) only Zoe, Nissan LEAF and Tesla . These were my tests. But only half an hour – an hour. This (Electric Tour) was the biggest test, the biggest challenge, without any experience … in winter, under the most difficult conditions as far as possible .

On GPS, we covered 26,800 km and had the objective of traveling 24,000 km, so we made several kilometers just to be sure (of record) and that everything is validated correctly.

I had 112 days to drive . I even did 400 km in one day ! I didn’t travel 400 km every day, but, yes, I did 400 km / day in Romania.

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