Incentives for EV infrastructure

AFM : Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport by promoting infrastructure for energy-efficient road transport vehicles: recharging stations for electric and electric hybrid plug-in vehicles.

This EV charging stations incentives program address the administrative-territorial units, including the administrative-territorial subdivision of the municipality, which has a population of more than 50,000 inhabitants.

On each town hall there is a maximum amount allocated from the budget so that the funds will reach all the municipalities of the county. In order to prevent overpriced stations, the state incentive aid for a 50kW dc fast charger with two guns is 40,000 euros.

Stations need to have the minimal output power of 50kW. They need to have one DC connector and a 22kW AC station integrated, and they need to have all coupling standards, Type 2 IEC 62196, CCS and CHAdeMO.

In order not to be uncompetitive, stations should not be manufactured only in the European Union. There is competitive equipment outside of the European Union.

Stations need to have an open protocol OCCP 1.5 or newer. Stations need to have ethernet and to be able to be monetarized in real-time its availability.

The charging stations from this program must have insurance because they are public furniture. And a warranty of 5 years.

AFM has sign contracts with 23 Municipalities.

Gets incentives for 5 charging stations hubs (each with 6 x 50kW fast chargers) as it follows:
Bazinului Olimpic „Ioan Shuster“ (cartierul reşiţean Lunca Bârzavei, pe strada Făgăraşului nr. 20),
zona Complexului Victoria (pe strada Progresului),
zona Intim (pe Bulevardul Republicii),
zona Poliţie (pe Bulevardul A.I.Cuza, nr. 1),
zona Blocului Băncii (pe Bulevardul A.I.Cuza, nr. 35).

parcare Str. Motilor Nr. 1-3
parcare Piata Unirii

Baia Mare 9 Charging Station Hubs

Sibiu 10 Charging Station Hubs
The Sibiu City Hall provides the land for the arrangement of these stations in the parking lots at the intersection of Rahovei Street with Aleea Şelimbăr, Cisnădiei Road crossing with Siret Street, the Calea Şurii Mare intersection with the Ocnea Road, parking behind the “Ion Besoiu Cultural Center”, 90 Barracks, parking area Railway Station, 1st December Market; parking Vasile Cârlova Street and parking Aurel Vlaicu Square.

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