Spark launch in Romania

Spark, a car-sharing service exclusively based on electric cars, will be launched on July 10th in Romania. The service competes with services such as Pony or BCR eGo.

Spark , a service that allows you to rent electric cars for short periods, will be officially launched in Romania in a week, according to a press release. The company was created through the collaboration between the Bulgarians from Eldrive and a company from Lithuania.

Spark Company was founded in 2017 and in Sofia, Bulgaria, has a fleet of more than 100 electric vehicles, attracting over EUR 1 million investment. The intention to expand in Romania has been announced since last year by Spark Executive Director Stefan Spasov. In Sofia, Spark had over 20,000 users at the end of last year.

Eldrive is also in charge of installing charging stations for electric cars, so we can not see more stations installed in the capital to support an electric car-sharing service.

In Bulgaria, the Spark rate is 0.15 euro per minute, and in Lithuania it costs 0.17 euro per minute to rent an electric car. Only on July 10 we will find the exact tariffs for the Spark service in Romania, but the tariffs may be slightly different.

In RO, the company’s fleet is made up of Nissan Leaf 40 and Renault Zoe cars and currently 50 vehicles are available, and by the end of the year their number will increase to 120 for both models.

For the Nissan Leaf 40 , the price per minute is 1.40 lei , with a daily maximum of 260 lei and 150 kilometers. After the 260 lei, there is no tax on that day. If, however, the number of kilometers covered exceeds 150 km, an additional charge of 0.85 lei per km will apply. For Renault Zoe , the price per minute is 1.20 lei , with a daily maximum of 215 lei and 150 kilometers.

The Spark service is similar to that offered by Pony , in the sense that users use an application to unlock a car and pay for the race with it. Unlike ride-sharing services such as Uber , Bolt or Yango, in Spark and Pony the driver is you. At present, Pony costs between 1.2 lei and 2 lei per minute, depending on the available car.

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