2019 Auctions for Electric and Hibrid Buses

City of Brasov and Timisoara wants to buy 56 electric articulated buses by EU Funding.

Until this date Sholmo Motors BYD, Bozankaya Otomotiv and Solaris Bus are the bidders.
The three companies bid in the tender for the “Purchase of 56 electric buses with a length of about 18m intended for the urban public transport of passengers, operable in the countryside” with an estimated value of 184 million lei (aprox 37 mil eur), and the auction will take place until 10.10.2019.
According to SEAP – Romanian Service for public funds auctions, the purchase of the following lots is envisaged:
– Lot No. 1 – Purchase of electric buses with a length of approx. 18 m intended for urban public transport, operable in the countryside for Braşov Municipality – 12 electric buses with a length of approx. 18 m for urban passenger transport, operable in the countryside – 4 fast loading stations – 12 slow loading stations
– Lot No.2 – Purchase of electric buses with a length of approx. 18 m intended for urban public transport, operable in forest conditions for Timisoara Municipality – 44 electric buses approx. 18m for urban passenger transport in landscape relief – 15 fast-loading stations – 44 slow-loading stations

City of Bucuresti wants to buy 130 hybrid buses by 2018 AFM funding program

Bucharest City Hall announced the end of the bidding period for the 130 hybrid buses, the only offer manufacturer being Mercedes Benz, which produces the Citaro Hybrid, which was selected as Bus of the Year in 2019. Bucharest City Hall launched in the month of March auction for the “Purchase of 130 new Hybrid  All-In-One Buses by 12 meter, lowered floor, 3-door and air conditioner  ” estimated value 195 mil lei ( aprox 39 mil eur ). Delivery time is 19 months from signing the contract, the project being funded by the Environmental Fund Administration AFM.

In 2019 AFM has cut the funding for Buses due to the budget reduction.

The new buses will have a total warranty of 240,000 km or a minimum of 4 years, and extended warranty for another 4 years, or up to 480,000 km. As delivery time, 58 buses will be delivered in the first year, followed by 72 in the second year of the contract.

Total of the cities in Romania that have or wants electric buses and the number of them

Timisoara 44 ebuses. Brasov 12 ebuses. Cluj 41 ebuses. Alba Iulia 13 ebuses. Buzau 9 ebuses. Constanta 20 ebuses. Ploiesti 9 ebuses. Tulcea 10 ebuses.

The supply will involve four Romanian municipalities. Each electric bus will be delivered together with its slow charging stations. Alba Iulia will receive 13 ebuses, each one with a slow charging station, and 4 fast charging stations; Buzau will enjoy 9 vehicles and 9 slow charging stations together with 3 fast charging infrastructure. Constanta will take 20 ebuses, 20 slow charging and 5 fast charging stations. Finally, Ploiesti will receive 9 ebuses, the same number of slow charging stations and 3 fast charging. The tender specifications require a guarantee for «minimum 500.000 km or 5 years (which condition is fulfilled first), from the date of putting into service».

Alba Iulia: 13 electric buses – 13 slow charging stations – 4 fast charging stations

Buzau: 9 electric buses – 9 slow charging stations – 3 fast charging stations

Constanta: 20 electric buses – 20 slow charging stations – 5 fast charging stations

Ploiesti: 9 electric buses – 9 slow charging stations – 3 fast charging stations

Recently, a tender was issued by the municipality of Baia Mare for hybrids with a lenghts of 12 and 18 metres, articulated trolleybuses and short electric buses. The lots were divided as follows: the first includes 21 city buses, 14 of which are 12-metre hybrids and 7 articulated; the second lot is made up of six 18-metre trolleybuses; the third one concerns six electric buses.

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