20 EV Buses in Zalau

Zalău City Hall received only one tender at the auction for the purchase of 20 electric buses, respectively from Anadolu Automobil Rom, an importer of the electric bus manufactured by the Czechs from Sor. Turda Town Hall bought in November last year Czech buses, being the first city in Romania to be equipped with clean buses from European funds.


The association of Anadaolu Automobile Rom – Aic Trucks – Radcom, supported by the Czech producer Sor, submitted the only tender at the auction of Zalau Municipality, by the deadline of 25 April.

The acquisition of the 20 electric buses for Zalău is estimated at 58.12 million lei, excluding VAT, and is financed by European funds, according to the announcement published on the SICAP procurement platform.

In addition to the 20 electric buses (10 of the 10 meter range and 10 of the 12 meter range), the auction also includes six fast charging stations, 20 slow-loading stations, 2 station transformers.

The contract also includes other facilities, such as the 65-fleet monitoring system, e-ticketing system for 65 buses, passenger information and monitoring systems.

It remains to be seen whether, after evaluating the offer, the contract will be awarded to the association supported by the Czech producer.

Electric buses manufactured in the Czech Republic were bought in November last year by Turda City Hall, this being the first acquisition of electric buses in Romania with European funds . Previously, Cluj and Suceava had bought electric buses produced in Poland and Turkey, with Swiss support.

The Czechs at Sor have been producing electric buses for nearly a decade. In Romania, a Sor electric bus was tested in several cities, including in Bucharest, on line 104.


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