Other 11 electric buses in Cluj-Napoca

New 11 electric buses into circulation in Cluj-Napoca

These buses were acquired through European funds and are the first of the 30 to be completed by the end of July. Thus, 41 electric buses will be in full circulation until mid-summer.
One third of the public transport of Cluj-Napoca is already electric.

The already 22 electric buses in circulation contribute significantly to improving the quality of the public transport system in Cluj-Napoca.
The buses that enter today on the routes of the Public Transport Company Cluj-Napoca are modernly equipped with equipment that has the latest generation features.

Today’s buses on the routes of the Cluj-Napoca Public Transport Company are modernly equipped with equipment that has the latest generation features:
General information:
– the price of a bus is 2.374.725 lei / piece + VAT
– buses comply with all European standards in the field
– The warranty is 5 years or 500,000 km

Technical specifications:
– the total transport capacity is 78 passengers of which: 27 seats and 51 standing places
– 105 km range for new batteries
– 200kwh battery capacity Solaris High Energy type
– the power of the electric motor is 160 kW (218 hp),
– the bus length is 12 m
– Completely low floor
– wheelchair ramp for people with disabilities
– a special place in the salon for the wheelchairs and playgrounds
– Tilting on the side of the bus in the stations
– 3 double doors (with 2 sheets each) with anti-skid system for passengers
– Free WI-FI for passengers
– cold season heating system
– air conditioning system for the warm season
– Indoor lighting system of the LED lamp room
– LED outdoor LED displays
– Indoor visual indicator of LED stations
– LCD monitor inside
– voicemail announcement of saloon stations
– Indoor and outdoor video surveillance system
– Traveler counting system
– Traffic Management and Traffic Management (CGMT)
– data from the on-board computer of the vehicle is downloaded to a server that manages the database and generates specific reports on: the number of kilometers traveled, the energy consumption, the number of passengers transported, etc.

Currently, the Cluj-Napoca Public Transport Company has 14 charging stations (11 with slow charging and 3 with fast loading), located in its bases in the neighborhoods: Grigorescu, Marasti and Gheorgheni.

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