Photoelectric Trailer

Charging station (230V-32A) wall-box for charging electric vehicles built in accordance with European standards that can be powered by an independent power generation system – photovoltaic trailer. The dimensions of this trailer (which can be unrestrictedly run with a Category B driving license) have imposed a limitation on the photovoltaic surface. So it has been chosen for 6 solar panels monocrystalline, with a theoretical maximum power of 280W per panel. Under the solar light inclination degree conditions in Romania, designers usually expect these panels to provide a power of about 1.5 kW, sufficient for various applications. The package also contains an advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charging controller, as well as a reliable inverter, providing a pure sinusoid. The batteries that have been selected are specially designed for solar applications. They are VRLA (Valve-regulated Lead-acid), the liquid electrolyte being replaced by a gel-type – because of the increased viscosity, we can say that they are basically solid batteries. The chemical reactions are the same as in a normal lead battery, but the big advantage is that much greater safety during transport and higher lifespan – which justifies the higher price by 20-30% than similar batteries with liquid electrolyte. The 4 batteries offer a total capacity of up to 12 kWh, but for reasons of reliability, we have limited the discharge rate. So the usable energy is somewhere at 6-8 kWh. On the other hand, compared to the 600 cycles guaranteed by the manufacturer (which means a lifetime of 2-3 years),