Our Mission

AVER has inherited the oldest romanian research on electric vehicles.

In the early 1970’s a R&D team was established at the Institute for Electrotechnics with a single purpose, to promote electric mobility in Romania. Today, large number of researchers from that R&D team are now honorary members of AVER and share their experience and progress with future generations.

Main Objectives

  • represent and promote the interest of associate members in Romania and abroad
  • gather, help and sustain all local EV enthusiasts
  • stimulate scientific research activity in EV field
  • take part on research programs

National Progress

  • help elaborate a national set of laws in concordance with the EU legislation regarding alternative mobility
  • educate and inform individuals about the importance of sustainable development and environment preservation
  • help sustainable development by promoting R&D, design, manufacturing, infrastructure and specific energy sources for e-mobility

EU Standards

  • contribute to national educational system and electric vehicle legislations
  • initiate and support actions to develop specific urban infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • manifest actions in order to encourage use of electric vehicles by tax policy and governmental subsidies