Nordic EV Summit

The need for action in order to reduce the climate crisis is urgent. Electrification of the transport sector with renewables will reduce the globe’s Co2 emissions considerable. How do we get policymakers, business and consumers to speed up the transition for the world to enter the electric era? Nordic EV Summit 2020: Entering the Electric Era, will focus on the following four topics:

  1. EV Policies around the world
    EV policies are spreading around the world with Norway taking the lead. What are the different national and regional EV policy measures, and do they work?
  2. Energy of Tomorrow
    Is electrification of the transport sector a problem or an opportunity to speed up the transition to renewable energy?
  3. Battery Technology and Volume
    How do we make EV batteries cheaper, lighter, more effective and more friendly to the environment?
  4. Mass Production
    Are the international car manufacturers ready to turn fast enough or will newcomers take over the electric car market?