European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit

European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit
taking place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 3rd – 4th June 2020

Early Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Alex Maschka, Non Executive Director, Leclanché  SA
  • Swarna Ramanathan, Associate Partner, McKinsey and Company
  • Christelle Verstraeten, Senior Director European Policy, ChargePoint
  • Giordano Mettus, Head of Human Resources, Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL)
  • Rahima Yakoob, Project Lead Charging E-mobility Infrastructure, Daimler AG
  • Hakeem Dairo, Advanced Battery Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Matthijs Kok, Project Manager- Electrical Transport & Charging Infrastructure, Municipality of Utrecht
  • Henry Lo, Director, Autonomous AI Ltd

For the agenda with a full list of confirmed speakers & topics please click below


Key topics include:

  • A Market Overview of the Developments in the EV Battery Industry
  • Establishing Substantial R&D in Europe to Gain a Strong Foothold in The Global EV Battery Market
  • Fostering New EV Battery Technology to Strengthen E-mobility’s Position in the Automotive Industry
  • Consumer’s Perspective: Habits, Anxieties and Range Capacities
  • The Impact Improved Charging Technology and Increased Numbers of Charging Points will have on Speeding Up Consumer Demand for Electric Vehicles
  • How Can Battery Storage Charge up the Electric Vehicle Market?
  • Developing the Innovation and Technology behind Off-Road Electric Vehicle Batteries
  • Functionality, Safety & Transportation of Lithium-ion Batteries
  • The Importance Of Training our Talents in Europe within the EV Batteries Industry
  • The Necessity for Access to Raw Materials used to Make Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Assessing the Viability of Second-Life Batteries as Energy Storage Devices

Who should attend?

OEM Brand Owners * Battery producers & manufacturers * Battery Materials producers * Electric Vehicle Consultant * Battery Recyclers * Charging Stations * Electricity Providers * Oil and Gas suppliers * Chemical Suppliers * BEV manufacturers (incl. cars, trucks, ships etc…) * Battery manufacturer plants * Technology providers * Grid operators * Raw material traders * Regulatory and Policy Officers * Battery expert analysts

2019 Participants Included:

Aenesa GmbH * Akasol AG * Anhua Taisen Recycling Technology Co. Ltd. * BEM / German Federal Association For Emobility *  CIDETEC Energy Storage * Circular Energy Storage * Diehl AKO Stiftung & Co. KG * Electreecity Sp. Z O.O. * Element Energy * E-moove * Eurelectric * European Federation For Transport & Environment!FORTECH * Fraunhofer IWU * Imec * Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG * KIT ITAS (Karlsruhe Institute Of Technology) * Maccor Inc * MAN Truck & Bus AG * Millor Battery * Nexant * Nissan Technical Centre Europe * PRE Power Developers * Repsol * Scania CV AB * Spark EV * StoreDot * TALUM IZPARILNIKI D.o.o. * Tampere University and others.