Energy Breakfast Club EV

Energy Breakfast Club EV: infrastructură, opțiuni tehnice, soluții financiare

Already this year, it has become difficult to keep up with the announced projects from the electric car segment. Major manufacturing companies are preparing new models. The (European) municipalities introduce restrictions for classical cars, investing, also in Romania, in developing the charging infrastructure for electric cars. Other major programs, started at European level, with community money, are beginning to be felt in Romania. However, skeptics remain major, and a major impact on society is not anticipated earlier than a few decades. However, business models in urban transport and electricity supply, fueling networks, power networks, machine building industry, sensors, tires – all this and many others are already under pressure to adapt before competitors. Come to the Energy Breakfast Club to discover the trends in the development of the electric car industry and what actions to take today to be well placed tomorrow!


AFM – Andrei Iorgulescu
BMWi – Marius Raspopa
ABB – Constantin Ichimoaei
Phoenix Contact – Catalin Lepinzean
Stratum Enclosures – Bogdan Cojocaru
Renovatio – Alexandru Teodorescu

Perspectives in infrastructure development for electric cars
Role and impact of local authorities, examples of good practices in this sector in Romania
Partnerships for a faster advance of urban mobility
Prices, total cost and financial management of investment in electric cars
Incentive factors and obstacles to the transition to fleets of electric cars