ecoGP: Bucuresti 2021

Super Slalom Bucharest : 8 – 9 May 2021 in Romexpo, Bucuresti

Join the first high speed eco Grand Prix ( Season 2021 – eco Grand Prix ) competition of the history of ecoGP! This time we are competing in an own electric car group but you will be able to compare your best times with the ones of tuned gas cars to impress them!
Be part of the historic moment of the birth of a new format which will be repeated in the coming years also in other nations. Cross the wonderful landscape of the Carpathian mountains and enjoy the friendly people. It will be an unforgettable weekend for sure!

Rules summary:
This is not a 24h endurance challenge, it is a driving skill challenge. Helmet is obligatory. Driver age min. 16 years. Drive the fastest lap at the defined Parcours of 1 km. Starting with different cars possible. Training day Saturday, Sunday one timed lap and two competition runs. You may start alone or as a team. A team can consist out of 5 drivers, the three best drivers are considered to count the points to win as the team. No charging allowed during the competition day. Co-driver or guest allowed to drive in the car together with the pilot.


Every driver needs the DMSB License C or a corresponding License of the national Motorsport Associations. The DMSB License C you can buy here, it counts for the whole season:

Rules&Regulations : DMSB-Slalom-Reglement (

Starting fee per driver: 100€

Corona Information:
In case of cancellation of the event all paid starting fees will be refunded 100%.
The crossing of countries are not requesting any papers at the border control but the passport, driving license and car papers. Only participants will get an official invitation legalizing the trip to Bucharest. In case you are not vaccinated we recommend you to visit one of the mobile drive in PCR test centers to be safe.