EV 2017

The 12th edition of the International Conference and Expo Show on ELECTRIC MOBILITY

EV-2017, 5-6 October 2017, Icpe Solar Park, Bucuresti

EV 2017 was locally the biggest hub for electric mobility professionals, but also for electric cars enthusiasts. EV2017 was the edition with the largest attendance so far, with electric and hybrid cars, electric boats, bicycles, scooters and gadgets, infrastructure, software and applications, components and engineering, visitors tested them all. The conference aimed to be a platform for dialogue for all actors involved in e-mobility: governmental and local authorities, companies and beneficiaries, academics and researchers. More than 1500 visitor attended to EV2017 in the two days of conference.


Icpe Solar Park is the first professional experimental facility with an outdoor component in the field of renewable energy in Romania. Icpe Solar Park takes over and develops further a tradition of over 40 years in the field of renewable energy sources. Icpe Solar Park contributed to the development of its two extensions: „Staţia de Cercetări Experimentale Energii Regenerabile” (Icpe’s experimental base from Agigea, Constanta county), used for characterizing energy technologies in a marine climate and Angheluş experimental base (Covasna county), used for characterizing energy technologies in a mountain climate.


Thanks to all exhibitors.

Special Thanks To : Evolio, AutoKlass Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Serus, AutoCobalcescu, TiriacAuto Mitsubishi Romania, ElDrive, Kia Romania, Renault Technologie Roumanie, Nurvil VW, EVConnect, EVGO, Scame E-Mobility, E-Motion Electric, EV Romania, GetPony, Ninebot, 80eDays, Stiinta si Tehnica, Ecoprofit, Energynomics, EVMagazine.
Call for papers

Conference papers

The best articles presented at the conference will be published in the journal
IEEE Xplore Proceedings on Vehicular Technology
Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques, Série ELECTROTECHNIQUE et Énergétique (ISI) and in the magazine Electrical, Electronics, Automation (EEA) (classified B + CNCSIS and indexed international data: Elsevier Scopus, Compendex, ProQuest, EBSCO, Ulrich's, Index Copernicus International) .


  • 1. Electric Vehicles
  • 1.1. Autonomous Driving
  • 1.2. Systems: propulsion, electronics and drives
  • 1.3. Batteries: Modeling & Safety
  • 1.4. Markets and new technologies
  • 2. Infrastructure for electric mobility
  • 2.1. Smart Grid & Infrastructure & V2G Vehicles
  • 2.2. Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Analysis
  • 2.3. Electrification of transport logistic vehicles
  • 3. Policies and strategies in the field of electric mobility
  • 3.1. EU strategies, EV standards, policy and education
  • 3.2. Romanian policy
  • 3.3. Regional and Global Introduction Scenarios

Documents and Pictures

The EV2017 show consists mainly on exhibition of electric vehicles available in Romania and a number of developers of charging infrastructure, electric bicycles and electric mobility solutions on two wheels.



1. Electric Vehicles

  1. "The way to Engineering EV Wireless Charging: Dacia Electron" - Andrei Marinescu, I. Dumbrava, A. Vintilă , D. G. Marinescu , D. Neagu , V. Nicolae , A. Radu 
  2. "Fast-Tracking Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles Development with Simulation " - Sandeep Sovani, Frederic Bocquet, Cristina Oprea 
  3. "Digital system for rotational direction detection using a FPGA" - Aurel-Ionuț Chirilă, Ioan-Dragoș Deaconu, Sabina-Teodora Drăghici, Valentin Năvrăpescu 
  4. "Simulation of lithium-ion batteries from a electric vehicle perspective" - Florin Dragomir, Otilia Elena Dragomir, Adrian Oprea, Liviu Olteanu, Nicolae Olariu, Viorel Ursu  
  5. "Constructal Optimization of an Elemental PEM FC Used in the Electric Vehicles" - Ioana Ionică, Alexandru M. Morega, Mircea Modreanu 
  6. "Sisteme de stocare a energiei electrice in domeniul transporului electric" - Liviu Neag, Niculae Dobos 
  7. "Traction Control Analysis of Electric Vehicles " - Andrei Bortoi, Grigore Danciu  
  8. "A step forward towards e-mobility adoption:VW Beetle and fiberglass boat converted into EVs " - M.G. Neacsu, V.S. Stanciu, G.V. Risnoveanu, S.S. Matei, C. Nicolescu 
  9. "Design and Validation of a 2.5 kW Electric Naval Propulsion System with Rim Driven Propeller " - Bogdan Varaticeanu, Paul Minciunescu, C. Nicolescu, S. Matei, M. Neacsu  
  10. "Optimization and Validation of a 10 kW Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor for Small Electric Vehicles " - Bogdan Varaticeanu, Paul Minciunescu, Constantin Nicolescu 
  11. "Electric Bus-The approach of SAERP " - Emil Tudor, Ioan, Strainescu, Catalin Goia, Beniamin Enache, Valentin Lupu, Ionut Vasile, Adi Dascalu, Doru Braslasu, George Mitroi 

2. Infrastructure for electric mobility

  1. "Promoting battery energy storage systems to support EVs charging strategies in Smart Grids " - Adrian Radu, Mircea Eremia, Lucian Toma 
  2. "On the Procedures for Optimal Wireless Energy Transfer Systems " - Mihai Iordache, Dragos Niculae, Lucian Ene, Cristian Sandu, Lavinia Bobaru, Cătălin Bibirică 
  3. "Lightweighting and passive safety for urban electric vehicle " - Javier Romo, Esteban Cañibano, Juan Carlos Merino 
  4. "Method for Calculating Coupling Coefficients in Dynamic Energy Transfer for EVs" - John Linden, Yasha Nikulshin, Shuki Wolfus, Hanan Rumbak, O. Ezer, Y. Yeshurun  
  5. "The urban electric bus, a sustainable solution to increase energy efficiency of public transport and reduce atmospheric pollution in the cities " - István CSUZI , Botond CSUZI  
  6. "E-light vehicles in EU cities: starting from “Ele.C.Tra.-Electric City Transport” experience, ready to take up new challenges" - Raluca Frincu, Francesco E. Misso, Cino Repetto  
  7. "Current Study, Design and Construction of a Wireless Energy Transfer System for Mobile Devices" - Sandu Cristian, Bibirica T. Catalin,Ene Lucian Vasile, Mihai Iordache  
  8. "Smart grid developments in system engineering " - Octavian Adrian Tabara 
  9. "Analysis of memristive nonlinear circuit" - Alexandra Ionescu, Alina Orosanu, Andrei Dragomir, Andrei Rosu, Mihai Iordache 
  10. "Advanced Modular Photovoltaic System for Plug-in Small Electric Vehicles (PsEV) " - Bogdan-Alexandru Onose, Mihai Aurelian Hanek, Gabriel Vatajelu, Lucian Demeter  
  11. "Development of a novel remanufacturing architecture for lithium-ion battery packs " - Achim Kampker, Heiner Heimes, Christoph Lienemann, Daniel Grauel, Martyn Jones 

3. Policies and strategies in the field of electric mobility

  1. "Modelling and simulation of the energy demand and large scale integration of the electrical vehicles in “EnergyPLAN” model – case of Romania " - Sandor Bartha, Tin Pusic, Robert Anderluh, Goran Krajacici, Boglárka Vajda, Luminita Vlaicu 
  2. "Urban Ecological Transport - A Priority of the Human Society in Crowded Urban Centers" - Adriana Mariana Bors, Cristina Mihaela Balaceanu, Iosif Lingvay  
  3. "Considerations about the local and global environmental impact of autonomy electric transport " - Iosif Lingvay, Adriana-Mariana Bors, Daniel Lingvay 
  4. "Mobile Intelligent Robot " - F. Silivăstru, Constantin-Adrian Nanu, Valentin Năvrăpescu 
  5. "Solar UAV " - Popescu Razvanu 
  6. "Dynamic Windshield Sun Shade Assistence " - Andrei Dragomir, Alina Orosanu, Andrei Rosu, Alexandra Ionescu, Mihai Iordache  
  7. "Localization Based Mobile Application for Shopping Malls" - Pinar Kirci, Deniz Zengin, Bedri Karademir, Metin Erzen 
  8. "Noile standarde ISO privind calitatea si impactul asupra mediului a fabricarii servomotarelor electrice, in contextul pietii globale" - Floarea Vasile