Association for promoting electric vehicles in Romania

Doneaza 2% din impozitul pe venit calculat pentru anul in curs.

Declaratia ANAF 230 priveste destinatia sumei de pana la 2% din impozitul pe venit anual.
Declaratia trebuie completata pentru anul in curs si depusa la ANAF (de resedinta) pana la 30 Martie.

Contract de sponsorizare.

Donatie bancara (persoane juridice).

Donate by formular

How divert 20%? (Doneaza 20% din impozitul pe profit) Redirect way is very simple:
• The Company calculates the amount of the 20% tax
• The company concluded a sponsorship contract with the NGO that wants to sustain and expenses are deductible.
This sponsorship does not involve additional expenses and does not affect the company's net profit.



Donate 10 USD for green transport.

IBAN: RO 30BRD E441 SV63 04225 4410
BANK: BRD-Groupe Société Générale – Dristor