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13th edition of Rabla Scrappage Program.

Rabla Plus 2017 brings the biggest incentives in EU member states for Romania.

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8 models of electric cars available through the Rabla Plus Program

Eligible EVs for Rabla 2017.

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Infrastructure incentives program is on deadlock.

The program for the development of the charging stations for electric cars is in a deadlock as the new Ministry of Environment have new proposals for this program.

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EVs market sales grow outside of Rabla Plus.

Even though the Rabla and Rabla Plus programs have not yet become operational, the automotive market segment - electric and hybrid - continues to grow.

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Electric bus on test in Brasov

Solaris Urbino 12 all-electric bus on the streets of Brasov.

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2017 Rabla Plus Guide

Rabla Plus requests start on 2 of May 2017.

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2017 Guide for Infrastructure Incentives

Guide for 2017 infrastructure incentives is on public debate until 25 of May.

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Rabla Plus new 10.000 Eur Incentives

Minister of Environment annouced new 10.000 eur incentives for new EVs.

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Opel could become an all-electric only brand

GM is considering selling it to Peugeot Citroën.

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EV on winter in Romania

Best sold electric car in 2016 on romanian winter.

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