Association for promoting electric vehicles in Romania

During the last years, in all countries, the urban transportation raised specific problems and caused important political, social and environmental problems: pollution, noise, stress. That is why the research and technological development activities are encouraged to provide clean and efficient transportation, especially in the European countries, USA and Japan. The laws regarding the environmental protection aim at limiting the greenhouse effect and Romania - as an EU member - must and wishes to follow the same direction.

An answer to the problems of the environmental pollution is the Electric Vehicle - as an alternative transportation vector. That is why in the last twenty years the electric vehicle has been re-discovered. Electric vehicles which are mostly known for being clean and silent were expected to answer to the growing demand for clean and efficient transportation.

Founded in 2005.

Founded over 10 years ago as a non-profit organization - Romania Association for Electric Vehicles is locally the biggest promoter in EV field. The main activities to achieve below objectives are related to dissemination, networking, monitoring, lobbying, research and development, among other. In public policy advocacy AVER presents the electric drive industry and R&D bodies concerns to the Romanian Government.

AVER has inherited the oldest Romanian research on electric cars. Since 1970's, a R&D team was established in the field of electric cars with great results. A large number of researchers from the R&D team are now honorary members of AVER and share their experience in all its projects.

EV Conference and Expo.

For over 10 years, EV Conference and Expo is the biggest symposium on e-mobility in Romania. The conference usually held in October is gathering a number of national and international specialist in e-mobility field who present scientific papers closely related to electric mobility and renewable energy. Also at the symposium an electric vehicle auto-show is holding with the participation of the main EV dealers in Romania.

Main objectives.

  • represent and promote the interest of associate members in Romania and abroad
  • gather, help and sustain all local EV enthusiasts
  • stimulate scientific research activity in EV field
  • take part on national and European research programs
  • Allign to EU standards.

  • contribute to national educational system and electric vehicle legislations
  • initiate and support actions to develop specific urban infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • manifest actions in order to encourage use of electric vehicles by tax policy and governmental subsidies
  • National progress.

  • help elaborate a national set of laws in concordance with the EU legislation regarding alternative mobility
  • educate and inform individuals about the importance of sustainable development and environment preservation
  • help sustainable development of transportation by promoting R&D, design, manufacturing, import and exploitation of the non-conventional environmental-friendly vehicles, infrastructure and specific energy sources.
  • Experimental Projects

    AVER has a big experience on research and development in electro-mobility finalizing a large number of experimental . Below its a list of a few of the projects developed by AVER.

  • Light Electric Vehicle
  • Propulsion systems for electric vehicles
  • Electric DACIA Solenza
  • Electric Bus
  • Electric Boat
  • Electric Submarine
  • Electric Scooter
  • Electric VW Beetle
  • Mobile photovoltaic EV charging station
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    Latest Project

    Latest development of AVER includes 3 products: An electric VW Beetle, an electric boat and a mobile photovoltaic electric vehicle charging station. These projects were developed in collaboration with Icpe Bucuresti, the former Institute of Electrical Engineering from Bucuresti, Romania. All this projects were presented at the biggest electric vehicle conference and expo, "EV 2015" held on 5-6 October 2015.

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    Recent News

    As a part of AVERE since 2015, we are part of a European network founded in 1978 comprised of members including Users, NGO’s, Associations, Interest groups, Public Bodies, Research & Development entities, Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturers, Electricity Utilities. Its main objective is promoting the use of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles - individually and in fleets and for priority uses – in order to achieve greener mobility for cities and countries.

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