Romania: 75 million lei budget for the purchase of electric cars and charging infrastructure development .

Ministry of Environment has proposed a grant in 2016 by the Environment Fund, 75 million lei to stimulate the purchase of electric and hybrid cars, and to develop charging infrastructure, said Istvan Jakab, advisor to the Minister of Environment, Cristiana Pasca Palmer.

"When the Government have presented a Scheme of State to aid on the electric and hybrid vehicles and infrastructre growth - I responded that I want to be a scheme over the next 5 years and i would like to reach 100 million lei per year. This year was a modest start somewhere. We offered 75 million lei for 2016. " said Istvan Jakab.
He said that after approval of the budget of the Environment Fund, the ministry, together with the Environment Fund Administration (AFM), will have to draw up guidelines for the allocation of these funds projects.

"Ecotickets for scrappage program will be contained there, plus some funds will be addressed to charging stations. We will need to think about how much we will be allocating for the purchase of electric and hybrid cars and how much will be allocating for infrastructure projects. We will have to specify clearly which spendings are elligible and which expenses can be covered by the private companies that are going to come up with those projects. It will be financing 50% - 50% ", Jakab explained. He added that the scrappage program will still work, purchase of electric and hybrid cars through this program still operating and scrapping bonus recipients may cumulate with ecoticket which will come into force with the approval of the budget of AFM.

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