Rabla Plus 2018

Conclusions of Rabla Plus 2017

Romanian state funding help in "Rabla Plus" program has seriously dynamized the market for electric cars and hybrids - 188 new electric cars were registered in 2017 (77% of which were in circulation in Romania at the end of the year 2016), Respectively 158 new hybrid plug-in machines (ie 41% of the total number of such machines registered at the end of 2016).

Rise in terms of interest in eco-tickets: according to the AFM (Environmental Fund Administration), in 2017 the issuance of 840 eco-ticketswas approved - this being the case when at the end of 2016 there were on circulation fewer than 700 electric vehicles and hybrid plug-in. So in 2017 we can say that the electrified car market doubled thanks to the Rabla Plus program.

Of the 836 eco-tickets, 209 dossiers were used in 2017 to purchase 100% electric vehicles and 52 dossiers for hybrid plug-in vehicles . Three quarters of electric cars were ordered by legal entities, while in the case of hybrid plug-in machines, individuals counted two-thirds of orders.

The difference between electric cars registered in 2017 (188) and those commissioned for purchase (261) is explained by the high waiting times for the delivery of models, either because of high external demand or because of delays in manufacturing processes, mainly related to batteries.

Rabla Plus 2018

It should be noted that the Rabla Plus 2018 Program will operate under the terms of Order no. 1364/2017, as subsequently amended and supplemented (such as, for example, the decision to grant eco-tickets and electric quadricycles) after approval of the revenue and expenditure budget. For optimization of the Funding Guidelines, any changes will be subject to public consultation.

Rabla Plus also remains in 2018 the environmental program that receives the most funds from the budget of the Environmental Fund administration (AFM), according to the Statement of the Draft Government Decision approving the institution's revenue and expenditure budget for 2018 .

Thus, for 2018 the program receives a budget allocation of 150 million lei ~ 30 milion eur (the amount approved by the government, representing the maximum limit until which ordinances can be made), respectively 133 million lei on the basis of commitment appropriations. Compared to the 2017 edition, the total amount allocated by the authorities was 205 million lei, which in 2018 represents a budget decrease by over 36% .

According to the cited document, AFM revenues for 2018 are estimated at 406.242.000 lei, down by 27.8% compared to the previous year, when they amounted to 562.519.000 lei. Of the total revenues estimated this year, the amount of 400.992.000 lei represents tax revenues (other taxes and fiscal taxes) and 5,250 million lei non-tax revenues (interest on deposits constituted from the surplus of the previous years). For the expenditures chapter, for 2018, a total value of them was estimated as: commitment appropriations - of 433,048 million lei, respectively budget credits of 560,351 million lei.

The draft HG will be in public debate until February 4, 2018, and those interested can submit opinions / proposals / suggestions within the deadline to the Ministry of Environment - Environment Fund Administration.

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