Uber launches UberGREEN in Bucuresti

Uber launched on Tuesday, UberGREEN in Bucharest, a new service with 100% electric cars and 0 carbon emissions. Pilot service starts with 20 Renault Zoe cars and proposes that at least 10,000 people use the service by the end of April.

Bucharest is the first CEE city with a fully electric ridesharing service. In Europe, Uber also offers electric mobility options in London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto and Zurich.

"We believe the future of transport is electric, shared with others and autonomous, but it is still a long way to go. The purpose of this pilot service is to make electrical mobility accessible to more people than ever and to contribute to the development of electric transport in Bucharest. We can not succeed on our own - we want to make partnerships with authorities, car manufacturers and other actors in the energy area to make electric cars available to everyone, everywhere, " said Nicoleta Schroeder, General Manager of Uber Romania.

The cars in the UberGREEN pilot service in Bucharest are the Renault ZOE with the new ZE 40 battery, which allows a 400 km NEDC (the equivalent of a real 300km distance in urban and adjacent areas) after a single load. The 400 km NEDC autonomy means a double distance from the previous model and is the best available autonomy on all 100% electric cars for the general public in Romania. ZOE, equipped with the new ZE 40 battery, is manufactured at Renault Flins in France.

ber has collaborated with Eldrive to provide its partners with the best leasing market offer.

"After developing the largest network of electric vehicle recharging stations in Bulgaria, our vision is to extend this network to neighboring countries (Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Albania) and to connect to one of the largest networks at EU level. The partnership with Uber to bring a new generation of zero-energy, green-energy generation is of great importance to our vision, " said Martin Zaimov, General Manager of Eldrive Romania.

The price of the new service is the same as UberSELECT: 1.65 lei basic tariff / 0.28 lei per minute / 1.65 lei per kilometer. The minimum rate is 12 lei.

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