New 2017 Renault ZOE ZE 40.

The Paris Motor Show is not yet upon us, but that hasn’t stopped Renault’s media department in the Netherlands from spilling the details on the updated ZOE ZE 40.

The new edition of the ZOE comes with 41 kWh of batteries on board, good for 400 km/248 miles of range in the R90 (ex-R240)/non-base trim. Renault notes an expected real world range of ~300 km (186 miles).

Renault says that the new offering will be on sale from October 1st. The older edition (22 kWh/Entry) will still be available. Best of all, the extra battery only adds about 2,500 Euros of cost! As a point of reference, the current max range of the Entry ZOE with a 22 kWh battery is rated at 240 km (150 miles) NEDC.

The new/larger battery ZOE also sees its motor power output move from 57 kW/77 hp to 65 kW/88hp. The new 41 kWh battery is developed with LG Chem, and takes up the same space inside the EV as previous editions, and also weighs about the same.

Quickcharge option is also available (Q-series cars). We assume the standard 22 kW three phase is still in play on all models, and 43 kW quickcharge option. In the Netherlands, pricing is listed from 29,390 Euros for the Entry/22 kWh version, and 31,890 for the Life/41 kWh edition. Here is the full pricing breakdown of the lineup with and without battery hire:

Of course, when Renault officially releases the new ZOE ZE 40 (likely early on Thursday morning), we will have all the additional quotes, photos and specs one can handle.

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