Bucharest, the only city that provides total exemption from tax for electric cars.

In Romania, vehicle taxation is an issue of local interest. By 2015, local authorities have complete freedom in determining the amount of tax for hybrid or electrical vehicles, without any constraint coming from the central level, but from 1 January 2016, new tax code decreased from 95% at 50 % reduction in the minimum tax for these vehicles.

According to the lawyer Gheorghe Nastase, partner of law firm "Ratiu + Ratiu" in 2011-2012, Bucharest have established significant reductions in local taxes for hybrid or electric vehicles. Their level in 2011 was 50% lowered, and in 2012 they be lowered to 95%. "For the period 2013-2014, the share of tax reduction or hybrid electric vehicles remained at the 95%," said Nastase. Although from January 1st, 2016 new tax code decreased from 95% at the 50% minimum level to reduce the tax for hybrid cars or electric, local authorities of large cities in Romania maintained reductions granted in 2015 or even granted reductions of 100%.

Thus, the quota reduction on the amount of tax is 100% in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca 95%, Timisoara 95% and Constanta 50% . Gheorghe Nastase added that the lack of a clear and coherent strategy and a clear commitment of the authorities of Romania to promote hybrid and electric vehicles is very difficult to say who will be legally prospects in this area. Probably, given the need to respect by Romania of the commitments and obligations arising from its membership of the European Union, will maintain current facilities and incentives and perhaps even adopt new incentives and facilities.

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