In October, Idea Events starts "e-Mobility Weeks' campaign!

Starting on 11 October 2016 Idea Events, in collaboration with the ARMS - Romanian Association for Sustainable Mobility and the Association for a Better Tomorrow Together give off campaign "e-Mobility Weeks." The main partner of the campaign is Kaufland Romania.

Kaufland Romania supports ecological mobility, being the first retailer that has purchased 18 electric vehicles and launched in partnership with Renovatio, the first network of public charging stations electric cars in Romania. Caring for a clean environment and supporting sustainable development projects is on the list of priorities concerns the company Kaufland Romania.

The campaign "e-Mobility Weeks" is the first project of its kind in Romania, dedicated to informing, educating and awareness of ecological benefits of mobility, with a focus on issues of topical and reduce emissions and climate change.

Our campaign will continue throughout the year 2016, following that in 2017 to turn into "e-Mobility Caravan" that will bring together other institutions involved in urban transport, ship or rail.

The initial investment of the two companies is significant. Renovatio paid between 20,000 and 30,000 euros for each station and between 5,000 and 15,000 euros for each connection. In addition to providing space for mounting stations, Kaufland has purchased 15 electric cars worth about 30,000 euros each and then donated 12 to NGOs.

About organizer and co-organizers Idea Events , events division of Private Luxury Group organizes public events aimed at topics of utmost importance, sustainability is one of them. Idea Events held during 2016 a whole series of events dedicated to sustainable development in all its aspects: environmental transport, non-financial reporting and sustainable buildings / green / smart climate change and harm reduction. TfaBT - Together for a Better Tomorrow - NGO that aims to organize actions and projects aimed at supporting sustainable development and encourage a sustainable lifestyle ARMS- Romanian Association for Sustainable Mobility aims to integrate into a common strategic direction for all initiatives that lead to the achievement of sustainable mobility undertaken by our country with the global community in the Paris Agreement.

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