First EV charging network countrywide.

Renovatio and Kaufland have finished installing 11 electric vehicle charging stations on route between Arad and Constanta. Today, Romanians can charge electric cars in Kaufland stores from Arad to Timisoara, Sebes, Sibiu, Ramnicu Valcea, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Bucuresti, Constanta and station installed on A2 motorway.

When as expressed as a percentage, the gains aren’t at all that bad, but still could be better – which hopefully will become reality with the mass introduction of long-range, and CCS’s ready, all-electric cars starting in 2017.

The two companies have plans to expand the network of charging electric cars. Will install stations and routes from Bucuresti to Iasi and Bucuresti to Oradea. Alexandru Teodorescu, CEO of the company Renovatio, explained the decision to invest in infrastructure for electric cars:

"Renovatio e-charge project began two years ago with the desire to break a myth: the myth of chicken and egg, but applied electric mobility. Meaning that interested electric cars put their always the question: "OK, I purchase an electric car, but where a charge?" And potential investors in the development of network load were asking: "Why would I invest if there are no users? ". I tried to break this myth and invested in achieving the first network-based rapid charging solutions in Romania. "

The initial investment of the two companies is significant. Renovatio paid between 20,000 and 30,000 euros for each station and between 5,000 and 15,000 euros for each connection. In addition to providing space for mounting stations, Kaufland has purchased 15 electric cars worth about 30,000 euros each and then donated 12 to NGOs.

The 11 stations can serve all types of electric cars and hybrid plug-in for both standards fast charging (CHAdeMO and CCS) at a power of 20 kW AC and DC. An electric car can be charged rapidly in about an hour, and in normal mode in about 4-5 hours. Initially, owners of electric cars can use the network for free. In the future, however, it is possible to charge the energy consumed. According to the representative of Renovatio there will be a charging fee according to the charging time and a full charge will cost around 8 lei ~ 1.95 Eur.

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