BEV and PHEV growing fast.

571 electric and hybrid cars were bought in the first eight months of the year. Compared with the same period last year, the figure marks a doubling of electric or hybrid cars sold.

Thus, according to data presented Monday by the Association of Automobile Producers and Importers (APIA), volumes sold were înregigistrat an increase of 109% over the first eight months. Also, the market share of such cars has doubled .

100% electric or hybrid cars, we notice a doubling of volumes sold eight months (+ 109.2%), though still in extremely small volumes (571 units in 2016 to 273 in 2015). As a result, and their share in total market doubled, from 0.4% in 2015 to 0.8% in 2016.

According to APIA in August were 169 green cars sold, up 77.9% compared to the previous month, when there were 95 units sold. Toyota remains the best-selling car brand "green", with 391 cars sold, an increase of 118.4% from the same period last year. Lexus follows with 105 units and an increase of 238.7% BMW 23 units (last year not registered a sale) and Land Rover with 11 units, down 26.7%. Last year, in Romania it was sold 495 electric cars and hybrids, up 110% compared to 2014.

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