13th edition of Rabla Scrappage Program

Those who want to buy a car through the Classic Scrappage Program Rabla and Rabla Plus can go from 18th of May to the validated manufacturers dealers to complete the registration formalities. Legal entities may submit applications for funding for inclusion in the two programs, until September 29th 2017, at the headquarters of the Environmental Fund Administration. AFM

For the Classic Rabla, the scrapping incentive is 6,500 lei (1500eur) and is granted for a new car whose propulsion system generates no more than 130 g CO2 / km. At the scrapping premium, an ecobonus of 1,000 lei can be added for the purchase of a new vehicle equipped with a propulsion system that generates an emission quantity of up to 98 g CO2 / km in mixed mode and / or an ecobonus in worth 1,700 lei for the purchase of a new vehicle, equipped with a hybrid propulsion system. If both conditions are met, the two ecobonuses can be combined with the scrapping inventive.

Within the Rabla Plus Program , an eco-ticket of 45,000 lei is granted for the purchase of a new electric vehicle or 20,000 lei for the purchase of a new electric hybrid plug-in vehicle with an external power source, which generates a lower CO2 emissions 50 g / km. The scrapping bonus offered within the Classic Rabla Program can be combined with the eco-label provided by the Rabla Plus Program. If the applicant carries a car older than 8 years and decides to purchase a new electric car, he benefits both from the scrapping incentives of 6,500 lei and the eco-label of 45,000 lei, and if he opts for a hybrid electric plug- In will receive the scrapping bonus of 6,500 lei and the eco-label of 20,000 lei.

A novelty of the two programs is the simplified procedure introduced this year, through which legal entities that have submitted files for approval of participation in the Classic Rabla and Rabla Plus programs can remedy the reasons for rejection of the file form, Within 10 business days of their publication on the Environment Fund Administration website. AFM

Environment Fund Administration. AFM: estimates for the 2017 budget, halved due to the removal of the environmental stamp

The Environmental Fund Administration is the main institution that manages the budget and provides financial support for the implementation of environmental protection programs. The environmental bill provides 45% of the institution's budget. It was abolished at the beginning of the year, with the promulgation of the Law on the elimination of 102 non-tax duties. The AFM budget is supported by funding sources such as fees for failing to meet waste targets, wood cutting, iron waste, packaging, or imported packaging.

However, according to him, there is no question of the non-continuation of the Green House program, launched last year, which enjoyed a very high demand. Paul Serbanescu said that more than 200 projects for legal entities (public institutions, administrative and territorial units, hospitals) have been funded since 2010, when Casa Verde was launched. At the same time, over 30,000 projects for individuals were funded through the same program .

According to the AFM, funding from the Casa Verde program was 160 million lei for legal entities and 180 million lei for individuals . Paul Serbanescu points out that between 2012 and 2015, due to fluctuations in the fund's income and fund surplus, the program did not take place. So the figures are about three years out of seven years. About the Green House Plus (intended for energy efficiency for homes, not apartments), it says that because of the lack of funds, it was not possible to launch this program. In addition, "the situation has become even worse this year, because we have not identified a source of funding. "

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