Infrastructure incentives program is on deadlock

The program for the development of the charging stations for electric cars is in a deadlock, said at the Electric Drive conference on Wednesday, Andrei Iorgulescu, Project Director General, within the Environmental Fund Administration (AFM).

"The impasse came as a result of legislative changes. The program started at the end of 2016 and approximately 50 applications were submitted. Unfortunately, their administrative analysis has concluded the lack of legal regulations that would allow us to complete these funding files. We have promoted a legitimate change, which has not yet been approved. We hope that in the coming period, we will also address this issue in relation to those dossiers, and we will basically start implementing these projects further" the AFM representative said.

He explained that the elimination of the environmental stamp drastically reduced the budget of the AFM by almost 24.3%, from 700 million lei in 2016 to 530 million lei this year. Both the financing budget for the purchase of electric vehicles and the construction of the stations reach 45 million lei each.
Last year, AFM received 48 requests for the construction of power stations, totaling 259 stations. According to the old legislation, AFM would cover 80% of the investment, but not more than 200,000 euros for each project.

He said that the Ministry of the Environment is working on a new strategy to support the implementation of loading stations. According to him, the new strategy aims at involving and empowering public authorities and institutions to develop these projects. That is to say, there are certain obligations to place loading points when considering the construction of new buildings and parking facilities.

"This year we are considering launching another project submission session, but I still can not tell you which are the coordinates of the new program. We hoped that the strategy we spoke to be put into practice towards the second half of the year" Iorgulescu said.

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