Nikola One hybrid truck with a range of 2000 km .

Nikola, a start-up in the United States, has launched the concept of a truck equipped with a hybrid engine, Nikola One, which has a range of between 1,290 and 1,930 kilometers. For the first 5,000 orders the company will provide free fuel, up to 1,600,000 kilometers.

Each of the six wheel vehicle is equipped with an electric motor of 250 kWh, together they provide a power of 1500 kW and a torque of over 5,000 Nm. Power electric motors is provided by lithium-ion 320kWh, which in turn is connected to a 400kW turbine. This is known Alimena fossil fuels.

Company representatives claim that this truck can it transported a total gross weight of 36.3 tons. In terms of performance, the cesta managed to climb a ramp fully charged 6% to a maximum speed of 105km / h. It can reach from 0 - 97 km / h in 30 seconds. Consul is ecuprins between 15.7 and 23.5 l / 100 km, compared to 43 l / 100 as it has a truck with diesel equipment.

Depending on the model, a truck accompanied by such costs between 350,000 and 450,000 dollars.

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