Plug-In Electric Vehicle Market Share 2X Higher In China

Thanks to generous incentives and the size of the market, China has quickly become the largest market for plug-in electric cars.

Sales of plug-in vehicles in China amounted around 550,000 units last year, compared to nearly 200,000 units in the U.S. and nearly 300 000 units in EU. The other difference is that China is more BEV-focused, while in the U.S. there is a similar number of all-electric and plug-in hybrid sales.

China will phase out the joint-venture requirements for foreign automakers, which could open the way for more fair business practices for automakers such as Tesla. The Beijing National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said that this year requirements will be removed for New Energy Vehicle and special-use vehicles. In other words, companies like Tesla would be able to set up a production facility for the Model 3 or Model Y in China on its own, with no need to establish a joint venture with a Chinese corporation.

And here’s a little who owns whom graphic – note Tesla is a standalone in China:

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