Scrappage program launched in the next two weeks .

Scrappage Program and Scrappage Plus will be released until next month, said Monday Minister of Environment, Water and Forests, Cristiana Pasca Palmer.

"Scrappage program guides are almost completed. I hope that in a week, two at most, the program will launch" said Environment Minister.

Program is meant to stimulate the national car park renewal (scrappage) which in 2015 were 25,423 vehicles scrapped, the program has length of more than eight years now, and last year received a budget of 220 million lei. For 2016, the draft budget that has been allocated is 145 million lei for new financing, which is expected to be scrapped about 20,000 vehicles. The remaining 75 million will be allocated for the incentive program for the purchase of new electric cars and hybrid electric (Scrappage Plus program). Also in this program will be stimulated the development projects for electric car charging infrastructure.

"The number of electric vehicles on the road in Romania is tiny compared to those in other European countries: only 600 to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands in other countries. I think this is mainly due to lack of charging infrastructure in Romania of these types of vehicles. Therefore, by Scrappage PLUS will fund this year and development initiatives that infrastructure supply" said Cristiana Pasca Palmer in a press briefing.

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