Romania's scrappage program a failure on the line for electric cars.

Scrappage program in 2015 proved to be a failure for the second consecutive year for electric cars. No such vehicle was purchased through the program to stimulate the national car park renewal, although nationally there were few customers in this segment, said Green Report, head of press office of the Administration of the Environment Fund, Adriana Geana.

Inefficiency program to promote electric cars is proven by another aspect: a single electric car was purchased by the "piece" in 2013 by ATU City Moineşti, worth 12,000 lei requested. Program "piece in 2013" was not purchased any hybrid vehicle. Meanwhile, the Scrappage become more attractive for those who want hybrid cars. 157 of these cars were purchased last year through this program.

Almost 500 cars "green" bought last year .
According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association in Romania were bought last year 24 - 100% electric car, a dramatic increase of 242.9% compared to 2014, when 7 electric cars were bought. With regard to hybrid cars or electric 100% cars, were sold in 2015, 495 new cars were sold more than doubled (110%) compared to last year, when it were sold 236 units.

From the data presented, the share of electric cars and hybrid car market in Romania in 2015, was a 5% compared to 53.5% for diesel powered vehicles or 46% for petrol. It also tones to trade marks that have sold best, the first preference of buyers from Romania is Toyota, which last year sold 335 cars with alternative fuels. At a distance Lexus is positioned quite high, 68 units, Land Rover, 25 units. The best known brand of electric cars, Tesla has sold 13 cars. In 2014, the Tesla brand sold only two.

Incentives for the purchase of cars 'green' .
APIA members propose to stimulate the market; propose significant bonuses of at least 4 or 5,000 euros by environmental stamp and operationalization ecoticket granted for this type of car. It would also be useful to establish a minimum percentage for public authorities to renew the fleet with such vehicles.

Companies providing free electric vehicle charging employees to benefit from the deduction of expenses for realization and installation of electrical outlets.
Other proposals would have free parking on public roads, environmental stamp exemption, exemption from road tax and the reduction or exemption from annual tax for a certain period.
Also, building permits for commercial or apartment buildings to be granted only if the associated parking spaces will be equipped with charging stations or mini plugs for 20% of the total.

Since 2015, on the scrappage program, the state gives bonuses to those who want to buy greener vehicles. Thus, besides a vehicle scrapping premium fee, worth 6,500 lei (1500 Eur), those who opt for a car emitting less than 100g / km receive a bonus of 750 lei (180 Eur).
Conventional hybrid car buyers get extra 1,500 lei (320 Eur), and those who want electric cars - 2,500 lei (530 Eur). Those interested should know, however, that can not serve more than 2 bonuses.
Last year, the state has granted 20,000 scrappage program vouchers for individuals and 5,000 vouchers for businesses. In addition to these bonuses, authorities announced in July last year that grants will be awarded 20,000 lei (4600 Eur) to purchase electric cars. The project, called suggestively ECOTICKET was to be implemented by the Environment Fund Administration (AFM), since late July. The head office of communication within the institution, Adriana Geana, said today on Green Report that it "has not started" and that remains to be decided whether the funds will be allocated after approval of the budget AFM, which is currently in public debate . But whatever the decision of the authorities, the main problem remains the lack of electric car owners infrastructure that would allow them to charge their cars. In an interview given to Green Report last autumn, Monica Bucurescu, Sales Manager Schneider Electric, estimated that "infrastructure for electric cars might develop over the next two years on contrywide scale."

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