AFM:35 000 eur for Public institutions

Public institutions will be able to participate in the Rabla Plus Program .

The Ministry of Environment launched in public consultation the draft Government Ordinance to complete the Government Ordinance no. 80/2001 on the establishment of expenditure norms for public administration authorities and public institutions. The draft normative act aims at raising the maximum value threshold applicable to public authorities and institutions for car purchases up to the equivalent of EUR 35,000 including VAT, with the conditions that the cars are pure electric or hybrid plug-in and that the purchases be carried out within the Rabla Plus Program.

Currently, through the effect of Government Ordinance no. 80/2001, the ceiling for the purchase of cars by public authorities and institutions is the equivalent in lei of 18,000 euros, including VAT, so that they can not benefit from the financing provided through the Environment Fund because the purchase price of pure electric cars or hybrid plug-in exceeds this amount. Promoting this normative act aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport by promoting clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles, thus encouraging public institutions to contribute to efforts to increase air quality and protect the environment.

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