125% growth in BEV and PHEV sales in 2016.

In Romania, 2016 has registred a growth in BEV and PHEV sales with 125% than the previous year. In 2016 were acquired 1.044 new ecological cars. The most sold electric car brand were the premium brands: 63 units of BMW, followed by 27 units of Mecedes-Benz, 11 units Volvo, 7 Units Mitsubishi, 5 Units Renault, 3 Units Porsche, 1 Unit Audi.

Data show that hybrid cars represent 86.1% sales of the entire eco-cars category (BEV, PHEV and HEV). While BEV and PHEV recorded a 237% growth.

Scrappage program plus and the incentives for buying battery equipped vehicles is one of the top in Europe. Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests program is supporting both individuals and legal entities with incentives up to 6000 EUR for the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles.

If in 2015 only 50% of the submitted appliants were funded in 2016 the rate grow to 80%. Most of the rejection are based on wrong paperwork proposals than funds. The initial budgetary allocation of 145 milion lei was supplemented during the last year by 30 milion lei due to high demand cases

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