Electric buses for Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca City Hall has finalized the tender for the purchase of 30 electric buses, Emil Boc, mayor of the city, announced in a post on his Facebook page. The price of an electric bus is about 500,000 euros.

The first 11 electric buses will be delivered, according to the contract, within 9 months of signing the subsequent contract (March 2018 at the latest). The money for these 11 buses comes from Swiss funds (85%) and local budget (15%). The next 19 buses are to be purchased from local and European funds.

Buses have a capacity of 78 seats, will be equipped with wi-fi, video cameras, air conditioning and a low platform for disabled people. The buses also have a 105 km range and will be loaded into 13 slow and fast charging stations. Slow charging takes 6 hours and the fast 10 minutes. Buses have a 5 year warranty, maintenance costs and spare parts will be provided by the winning company Solaris .

PMB announces auction for 400 Euro 6 buses and prepares it for electric buses At the beginning of July, the General Council of Bucuresti approved the draft decision on the purchase of a maximum number of 100 electric buses and the necessary loading infrastructure .

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