25 Electric Buses for Tulcea

Tulcea municipality starts the procedures for the purchase of 25 electric buses

Tulcea Municipality has awarded a contract through which SC RED POWER CONS SRL will provide consulting and documentation services for the purchase of 25 electric buses. The value of the services is 325.000 lei, and on completion, within 55 days, the tender for the acquisition of the 25 buses will be launched.

According to the opportunity study on which the acquisition is based, the 25 buses will be at least of average capacity, with a minimum of 40 seats, a lowered floor and air conditioning in the passenger compartment. The total cost of the 25 buses is about 50.2 million lei, excluding VAT. The project envisages the implementation of new buses on Routes 1, 1B, 4, 53 and 9 in Tulcea.

The project also envisages the construction of a new depot for the proper operation of the new buses, the modernization of the stations related to the 5 routes on which the new buses will run, the modernization of the streets related to the 5 routes (34 stations and 25 km of roads) at the entrance to the city from Babadag and the construction of a park & ​​ride parking, as well as the implementation of a smart e-ticketing system in the entire public transport system in the city.

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