GetPony now in Bucuresti

GetPony, the car sharing service launched in Cluj, also entered the Bucharest market

GetPony, the car sharing service launched in Cluj at the end of 2015, has launched two new BMW i3 models in Bucharest in the Cosmopolis hood. The BMW i3 models can be accessed through the GetPony smart phone application. Payment is made at a minute, hour or day, the tariff being allocated dynamically depending on the period of use.

The car locks and unlocks the smartphone and the contract can be completed once the car is returned to the predefined area in the Cosmopolis neighborhood. The service offered by GetPony costs 3.5 lei per minute for the first 10 minutes of the hour, then 35 lei per hour. For more than 6 hours a fee of 350 lei per day is charged.

For staying or traveling at speeds below 15 km / h, a rate of 1.75 lei per minute applies (if the rate per minute is applicable). The two BMW i3 models are available in the car park in the shopping center of Cosmopolis, where there is a charging station dedicated to electric cars. In the Capital, Pony Car Sharing wants to have by the end of the year only the BMW i3 (electric and range extender) models that will be taken and left in the same place, unlike Cluj, where cars can be left anywhere in the city center. In total, the company will acquire 15 BMW i3 cars that will be rented in Bucharest and Cluj.

GetPony has 5000 active users in Cluj. The company operates a fleet of 85 cars, including the MINI One and BMW i3 models, offered under car sharing free floating (can be picked up from the street and returned anywhere in the area). In the coverage area of ​​Cluj, any user is less than 5 minutes away from the first GetPony car.

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