EVs for Cluj-Napoca's Local Police

The Town Hall of Cluj-Napoca supplies the Local Police with electric cars

Three new electric cars will be purchased by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall for endowment with the local police of the city. EVs do not pollute, are energy efficient and represent the future of transport. The Draft Resolution proposed by the City Hall Executive was approved at today's Local Council meeting and can be consulted on the Mayor's website: http://www.primariaclujnapoca.ro/userfiles/files/49d.pdf

As with electric buses, where Cluj-Napoca is the first city in Romania to travel by public transport, the purchase of these electric cars for the Local Police represents a strong signal about the future of urban mobility and the direction of development on which framed the city.

Electric cars will replace three old cars in the current police car fleet, which meet the scrapping conditions. Thus, new cars will be purchased through auction, with financing from the local budget, the scrapping and eco-ticking premium, through the participation of the municipality in the Program Rabla Plus.

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